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Examination Papers- Format, Question Types and Marking Scheme

Often, students of grades 11 and 12 look for www.11plusexampapers.co.uk/ to test the progress of their study and comprehension of a particular subject. These papers can also demonstrate the format of an examination paper and the nature of questions that the final version can entail.
Format of an Examination Paper:
The layout of an assessment paper, irrespective of its origin, is chiefly the same. Thus, it is safe to say that the various kinds resemble each other.
The rudimentary set-up consists of different sections. They may be named 1, 2 and 3 or A, B and C. Each segment covers a specific subject or specific aspects of it.
The sections may have optional questions along with compulsory ones. Generally, the questions of the first section are mandatory, and those of the following parts may be optional. Nevertheless, this may not always be the case.

Types of Questions in an Examination Paper:
There are three basic types of questions asked in a question paper. They are:
• Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): MCQs may have 2, 4 or 5 options associated with a single problem. Only one answer or more than one answer may be correct. Students have to choose accordingly. These types are the most prevalent in national examination papers like GL Papers, NTSE Papers, Olympiad Papers, CEM Papers, etc.
• Subjective Questions: These are long-answer types that ask for a detailed description of the asked questions. Short notes, brief reports, the explanation of a cycle or a process, and so on fall under this category.
• Objective Questions: They are short questions that ask for the answer in a few words or sentences. To-the-point statements and keywords are the primary aspects of these varieties.
Marking Scheme:
The marking scheme is also almost the same for all sorts of Independent school past papers. The general marking structure that is followed consists of:
• One mark answers: Awarded to the correct response of multiple-choice questions, TRUE and FALSE questions, and one to two-word objective questions.
• Two marks answer: It is associated with short answer types and objective questions.
• Three marks answer: It mainly related to short notes and concise description type questions.
• 4 and 5 marks answer: Awarded to the acceptable solutions of long answer type questions. These questions may include the need for a diagrammatic representation with adequate labelling to help demonstrate the written part of the answer.
• 8+ marks answer: These are mainly seen in the Literature sections of the question papers but may also be present in other units. These questions demand an exceptionally detailed description of the problem asked. The questions can include a short story summary, an entire explanation of a biological process, an essay, one’s viewpoint on daily news, etc.

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